Whitewood Valley Road Bridge Replacement

Whitewood Valley Road Bridge

LAWRENCE COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA  Whitewood Creek is a mountain stream that flows from its headwaters south of Deadwood to its confluence with the Belle Fourche River northeast of the City of Whitewood. Located in the heart of Lawrence County, this structure crosses the creek near the City. Constructed in 1955, the existing structure was a […]

Depot Street Structure Replacement (Box Culvert)

Civil Engineering in North and South Dakota

PARKSTON, SOUTH DAKOTA The Depot Street bridge which crosses Pony Creek received approval for a Replacement Bridge Improvement Grant. The bridge design and construction engineering were completed in conjunction with City of Parkston’s Depot Street Reconstruction project. The project included the removal of the existing 25’ long single span steel I-beam with concrete deck and […]

9th Street Structure Replacement

9th Street Bridge Sturgis

STURGIS, SOUTH DAKOTA An important component of the City of Sturgis’s infrastructure, the 9th Street Bridge serves as a primary means of access to all residences north of Bear Butte Creek. While the 9th Street Bridge had not failed an inspection, it was showing signs of deterioration which the city decided to address sooner rather than […]

Pine Street Bridge Replacement

PIne Street Bridge, Yankton, SD

YANKTON, SOUTH DAKOTA Originally a historic concrete arch bridge with an arch span of 40’-0”, the Pine Street Bridge in Yankton was aging and in need of replacement. Although design options were limited, Brosz Engineering elected to replicate the design cues of the existing concrete arch structure. The team created a 50’-8” single span rigid […]

Jennings Avenue Bridge Reconstruction

Jennings Avenue Bridge Project

HOT SPRINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA Jennings Avenue serves as a connector roadway to the historic main street in Hot Springs. Spanning the scenic Fall River, the existing 1934 structure requires replacement due to significant deterioration and aging. With funding attained through the South Dakota Bridge Improvement Grant program, Brosz was hired to complete the environmental documentation, […]

Big Nasty Creek Bridge Replacement

Big Nasty Creek Bridge, Harding County

HARDING COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA (NEAR RALPH) Some believe Big Nasty received its name from its discolored water. Others say the stream was “nasty to cross”, while still others say the name was descriptive of the cowboys who frequented the area. In any case, the original structure near Ralph was deteriorating and as a result received […]