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City of Bowman, Main Street Water Main Replacement


The City of Bowman retained Brosz Engineering to survey and design the replacement of 8 blocks of water main along Main Street. Main Street is the business center of Bowman with day to day retail, which relies on water to operate. The project included the removal of asphalt surfacing, saw cut, trenching, temporary water service, installation of water main, replacing or adding valves & fire hydrants, removing and salvaging listed items, concrete sidewalk and curb & gutter removal & replacement, asphalt paving, furnish & installation of listed items & incidentals.

The project included:

  • 1,300 feet of 6” PVC water main
  • 1,960 feet of 8” PVC water main
  • Full depth reclamation & 1,200 ton asphalt pavement
  • Replacement of concrete curb & gutter
  • 2,250 SY driveway concrete

Project Details




Preliminary Engineering

Construction Engineering

Owner Benefits

  • Reliable water service for businesses
  • Concrete parking in front of businesses
  • Increased overall system flow capacity
  • Improved fire protection