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City of Stanley, New Sports Complex


The City of Stanley constructed the Sauber Sports Complex to address the elimination and size reduction of baseball and soccer fields due to school additions and private development of former sports fields. In addition, the city’s growing population and reduced number of fields put a strain on the local recreation programs. As a result, the Sports Complex addressed this issue, and now the city is able to host tournaments and recreation programs for all ages.

The project included constructing one baseball field and two softball fields. The civil engineering work also included an extension of 8th Avenue – paving, curb and gutter, and adjacent shared-use path. This extension provided a critical and complete pedestrian connection from the Stanley High School to the Sauber Sports Complex. Decorative street lights were installed along the pathway to provide lighting for pathway users. Construction occurred in 2018. Finally, the City spent all of 2019 establishing field turf in preparation for the 2020 baseball and softball seasons.

The project engineering involved the planning, land acquisition, survey, design, public input, and construction.

Project Details


$2,000,000 (Phase 1)


Preliminary Engineering

Construction Engineering


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