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Devitt Farms Addition


The booming bedroom community of Harrisburg, South Dakota, continues to experience residential and commercial growth. As such, a local full-service real estate agency, developed Devitt Farms, a 92 acre commercial, office, multi-family, and single-family subdivision. Hired by the local developer, Brosz completed the initial master plan, design engineering, and construction administration. The work included a grading plan, erosion control, hydraulic analysis, detention pond, channel configuration, and storm sewer design.

Located near the elementary school on low lying agricultural ground, the site encountered frequent flooding. The City Engineer had identified the southeast corner of the development for a detention pond to mitigate the effects of the uncontrolled upstream run-off. So in conjunction with a drainage channel, Brosz Engineering proposed over-excavating the pond to create a permanent wet pond. The pond would provide storm water retention and enhance the neighborhood aesthetic. Consequently, the soil generated from the excavation of the drainage channel and detention ponds was utilized to raise the grades of the development, providing valuable walkout and garden view lots. The project also included a shared-use path, utility coordination, and infrastructure design.

Project Details



Master Planning

Design Engineering

Construction Engineering

Owner Benefits

  • Enhanced flood control for the City of Harrisburg
  • Commercial and residential lots
  • Improved pedestrian access