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McKenzie County, ETA Roads 2019 & 2020


McKenzie County retained Brosz Engineering to perform professional design engineering for several roads located within the City of Watford City’s Extra Territorial Area (ETA). The county’s goal for the project was to improve the proposed roads. Then, ownership could be transferred over to Watford City for future maintenance and improvements as agreed upon in Transfer Agreement #1 between the City of Watford City and McKenzie County. 

The entire project comprised of six separate roadway segments and various alternatives for each segment. For construction, the projects were combined by relative location into two construction projects – McKenzie County 2019 ETA Roads and McKenzie County 2020 ETA Roads. The Brosz team provided topographic, utility, and legal surveys. Design work included:

  • Roadway reconstruction design
  • Alternatives for concrete intersections
  • Alternatives for urban section requirements
  • Bridge replacement design
  • Environmental permitting and United State Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) coordination
  • Utility coordination to establish existing conflicts and coordinate relocation plan
  • Final engineering documents

McKenzie County also contracted Brosz Engineering to provide material testing for the 2019 ETA Roads project.

Project Details

2020 & 2021

$13,100,000 (2019 ETA Roads)
$10,100,000 (2020 ETA Roads)


Preliminary Engineering
Materials Testing (2019 ETA Roads)

Owner Benefits

Reduced maintenance costs
Increased roadway durability
Improved sight distance and visibility