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Meade County, Erickson Ranch Road


The project involved the reconstruction of 3.4 miles of roadway and 1.5 miles of asphalt overlay of the existing road alignment from Peaceful Pines to Elk Creek Road.  The overall goal of the project was to improve the driving surface and extend its useful life.  The improvement project stabilized the base and completed any necessary subgrade dig outs. The project also provided a new roadway surface for the entirety of the road.

The south 3.4 miles existing surface was “processed in place” with additional base course to provide a solid 12” base section with 4” of new asphalt.  A base stabilization material “Base One” was used in this process to provide a strengthened section for the asphalt surface.

Brosz Engineering fast-tracked the design, bidding, and construction administration. Using staff resources from multiple offices, Brosz quickly completed the survey and design requirements. Brosz addressed several varying site conditions during construction and worked with Contractor and County to resolve these conditions in the field.

Project Details

Design 2020
Construction 2021



Preliminary Engineering
Construction Engineering

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