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NDDOT I-94 Slurry and Sand Seal, Construction Engineering


The NDDOT Dickinson District repaired 35 miles of roadway on Interstate 94 between South Heart and Hebron. This project included slurry seal placement on the mainline and sand seal on the shoulders. Slurry seal is a versatile and cost-effective pavement treatment option used to repair minor cracks and voids while providing a weather-tight surface. Sand sealing is also a maintenance application that is applied to the shoulders. These preventative treatments are often used to prolong the life of the roadway and improve the driving surface. The construction crew also installed new pavement markings.

Above all else, Brosz prioritized traffic control for motorists and the construction crew. Upon securing a safe roadway and construction site, the team focused on managing multiple lane closures and construction operations. The team delivered the project on time and on budget, with substantial completion achieved in June 2020.

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Construction Engineering

Owner Benefits

  • Increase pavement life
  • Restore smooth surface of driving lanes
  • Reduce maintenance costs