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NDDOT US12 Bowman Municipal Section


A majority of US Highway 12 in Bowman is a shared corridor with US Highway 85. There is a noticeable increase in traffic, specifically truck traffic, on the segment of US12 that is shared with US85. Construction on US12 in Bowman improved the structural integrity of the roadway. The roadway received a full depth reclamation with cement stabilized base and asphalt pavement. The two major intersections with US85 were reconstructed with concrete pavement. Traffic control was a critical part of this project as there is residential and commercial property throughout the corridor. Traffic was maintained with bypasses, detours, and onsite construction staging and phasing that was designed into the project.

Brosz completed the environmental documentation, public involvement, utility coordination, topo survey, right-of-way, and design engineering for this project in 2021. Then, the NDDOT also retained the team for construction engineering and testing services. Northern Improvement Company was the general contractor for the project and Winn Construction, Inc. was the subcontractor completing the concrete work.


Project Details

2021 Design
2022 Construction



Preliminary Engineering
Construction Engineering

Owner Benefits

Smoother driving surface
Reduced maintenance costs
Stabilized sub-base