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SDDOT Hwy 100 Construction Staking


Veterans Parkway/Exit 402 Interchange Project was one of the largest state road projects for the SD Department of Transportation. Construction began in January 2018 involved extending the existing 6.5 miles of Veterans Parkway by roughly 1 mile, reconstructing an outdated interchange on I-90 at Exit 402, and building five new bridges spanning rivers and railroads. Riley Brothers Construction from Morris, Minnesota, served as the general contractor for the project. 

Brosz Engineering provided construction staking for the entire project which included an interchange and five bridge structures. Due to large dirt quantities being moved and multiple bridges being constructed, this turned into a 3-year project.  Also, the team worked closely with FEMA on the 2 bridges being constructed across the Big Sioux River to ensure future flooding would be mitigated. Construction staking was completed on August 2021.

The team also provided elevation surveys for two 950’ bridges which were part of the project. An elevation was shot every five feet on each steel girder in order to gather data for the SDDOT and contractor. The information was used to quickly address a decking correction in the girders that occurred from pier to pier.

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2022-2024 Construction



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