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SDDOT US212 Shoulder, Surfacing, Pipe & Structures


Passing through Gettysburg, Seneca, and Faulkton, this US highway improvement provided an enhanced roadway with wider shoulders to accommodate agricultural equipment and increased safety for the traveling public. The project scope included the following:

  • Asphalt Concrete Quality Control (Density Testing & Granular Material Testing)
  • Earthwork Testing/Inspection, (Soil Testing & Granular Material Testing),
  • Culvert Inspection (Density, Pipe Notes & Visual Inspection) & Structure Inspection
  • Test all materials per the SDDOT Materials Manual.

The SDDOT contracted Brosz to perform contract administration, construction inspection, and materials acceptance services. As part of services requested in the proposal, Brosz handled daily diaries, record keeping, project close-out, project communication, construction inspection, and materials acceptance.

The project included:

  • 820,67 CY unclassified excavation
  • 174,000 tons of base course
  • 38,600 tons of Class E asphalt concrete
  • 2-14’x6’ and 2-11’x8’ precast concrete box culverts
  • Permanent fencing
  • Erosion & Sediment Control

Project Details



Construction Engineering

Construction Surveying

Material Testing

Owner Benefits

  • Safer roadway
  • Wider shoulders
  • Proper drainage