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SDDOT Various Bridge Inspection Services


For over 10 years, Brosz Engineering, Inc. provided the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) and local counties with quality bridge inspection services. Our Bridge Inspection Team has inspected more than 2,000 structures varying in length and design in counties and cities throughout South Dakota. The inspections conducted on those structures meet the NBIS bridge length of 20 feet and greater.

With a wide range of experience in urban and rural bridge safety inspection, the team typically provides inventory, reporting, design, construction, hydrology, hydraulics analysis, scour evaluation, structure analysis, along with the utilization of GIS/GPS mapping technology.

Typical Scope of Services includes the following:

  • Field Inspections per National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS)
  • Load Ratings and Analysis
  • Final Inspection Report
  • Input to BrM Software and Final Summary Report

Each bridge inspection report includes structure preservation, rehabilitation, or replacement recommendation as well as repair requirements. As part of the analysis process, we also assist with prioritizing the structure repair or replacement schedule.

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Bridge Inspection Services

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