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9th Street Structure Replacement


While the 9th Street Bridge had not failed an inspection, it was showing signs of deterioration which the city decided to address sooner rather than later. An important part of the community’s infrastructure, the 9th Street Bridge serves as a primary means of access to all residences north of Bear Butte Creek.

Brosz was hired to complete the environmental documentation, permitting, design and construction of the 9th Street Structure Replacement project. Brosz’s role in consisted of an original topography and legal survey, preliminary and final design, project bidding, right of way acquisition assistance, utility coordination and Corps permit. Brosz was also retained for construction administration which included inspection, surveying, testing, pay applications, and final project closeout. The project replaced a narrow and aging 131’ 3-span double tee bridge with a 136-foot-long 2-span prestressed concrete girder bridge with a concrete deck. The project included reconstructing approximately 180’ of the existing street.

The bridge was completed and reopened in July of 2019. City staff was able to secure the Highway Infrastructure Program partial funding in the spring due to the previous level of classification in 2017.

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