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Baker Lake Clean-up, Dredging & Restoration


On June 11, 2016, an EF-3 tornado tore through the town of Baker, Montana. The storm touched down in a portion of one neighborhood which damaged 35 homes and subsequently dumped pieces of homes, playground equipment, ATVs, and all kinds of debris in nearby Baker Lake as the tornado’s path ended up in the water. With funding provided by FEMA, Montana Department of Emergency Services, and Fallon County, Brosz Engineering, Geum Environmental, and DOWL were hired to design and coordinate the clean-up and restoration of the lake and surrounding wetlands. Due to the complexity of the project, multiple contractors were utilized including Smith Contracting, Western Municipal Construction, Inc., Wyrick Construction, and Watershed Restoration Group, Inc. The clean-up and dredging phases were completed in November 2018 with the final wetland planting completed in June 2019.

The project included:

  • Environmental documentation
  • Aerial survey and surface modeling
  • Right of way acquisition
  • 121,000 cubic yards of cleanup material removed and disposed
  • 422,000 cubic yards of dredging completed
  • 62,500 potted plants installed
  • Restoration of 10 acres wetlands
  • 48 tons of large debris removed

Project Details




Preliminary Engineering

Construction Engineering


Owner Benefits

  • Restored lake
  • Improved fishery
  • Improved water quality