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City of Baker, Montana Avenue Water Main Replacement


The City of Baker hired Brosz Engineering to survey and design a 20-block water main replacement project within Main Street and Montana Avenue. The City obtained funding from the State of Montana TSEP and DLA Grants with a loan to fulfill the balance. The Montana Avenue water main is the mainline within the City as it feeds both East and North Baker as the town is split by Baker Lake and the BNSF Railway.

This municipal engineering project encompasses 14 blocks of replacement on US Hwy 12 (Montana Avenue) and US Hwy 7 (Main Street). This required coordination with the Montana Department of Transportation during the design and through construction. These arterial highways needed a bypass and thorough traffic control plan as they could not be closed during construction. Also, the team completed a detailed temporary water plan to continue feeding residents/businesses throughout the project.

Brosz performed survey, preliminary design, right-of-way negation, permitting with various agencies (DEQ, BNSF, MDT, etc.), final design, bidding, and negotiation. Brosz is currently completing the following construction services: construction staking, inspection, testing (concrete, asphalt, density, etc.), and as-builts.


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2019-2020 Design
2021 Construction



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