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Whitewood Valley Road Bridge Replacement


Whitewood Creek flows from its headwaters south of Deadwood to its confluence with the Belle Fourche River.  As such, this mountain streams runs northeast of the City of Whitewood. Located in the heart of Lawrence County, this structure crosses the creek near the City. The existing structure was a 186’ five-span continuous concrete slab bridge. Constructed in 1955, the structure deck showed signs of severe deterioration both on the top surface and underside of the deck. This kind of wear was typical of heavy sand and salt usage during winter driving months. 

Then in 2019, the SD Bridge Improvement Grant program slated the bridge for reconstruction. According to the design team’s analysis, the cost to replace the rapidly deteriorating concrete deck in relation to a total structure replacement was economically beneficial to Lawrence County. Therefore, the design solution included removing the existing structure and replacing it with a new 176’ three-span pre-stressed girder bridge with a concrete deck. 

Lawrence County hired Brosz Engineering to assemble civil engineering shovel-ready plans to replace the Structure No. 41-212-091. The project is located approximately 0.7 miles east and 0.5 miles north of Whitewood. Brosz provided survey, preliminary design, final design, construction administration, and testing services.

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