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Mydland Estates Subdivision


Mydland Estates Addition is an 88-acre subdivision featuring single-family and multi-family housing. Located between Southeastern Avenue and Liberty Elementary, the residential development features walking paths, water elements, and plenty of green space. Brosz Engineering was responsible for the subdivision preliminary design, project engineering, and construction planning.  The team also provided the grading design for the regional detention facility.


Due to the extremely flat topography and existing drainage problems, Brosz Engineering proposed a sizeable channel through the project. The design team worked with the Harrisburg City Engineers to develop a regional detention facility that would serve the Mydland Estates development, the existing residential areas, and the Willow Street corridor. These areas frequently experience seasonal flooding due to runoff and heavy rainfall. In conjunction with the detention facility, proposed improvements to 476th Avenue also aimed to reduce or eliminate seasonal flooding. Finally, excavated material from the drainage facilities was used on-site to create elevated lots which will also improve site drainage.


Along with drainage, the subdivision planning and design project improved site access. The completion of Perry Lane will provide additional paved access to Legendary Estates Addition located north of the project which was previously served by a single paved route. 

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2021 (in progress)



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