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NDDOT ND8 Ground Survey and 90-1 Survey


Brosz Engineering completed a Ground Survey and 90-1 Survey on 25 miles of ND Highway 8 in Adams and Hettinger Counties. The team conducted a 90-1 Survey on the entire project which consisted of surveying and documenting roadside features.  The work included approach slopes, approach culverts, guardrails, and roadway cross-sections every half-mile from R/W to R/W and at the beginning, middle, and end of all curves.

The full Ground Survey also was completed around a large structural plate pipe that had failed and required repair or replacement. Brosz completed ground data collection consisting of topographic survey, DTM surface data, PLSS data, alignment definitions, utilities, sign inventory, stream profiles, structure survey, and CADD editing for a final survey submittal.

The NDDOT used Brosz’s survey data to successfully plan and design a Minor Rehabilitation project on this corridor of ND Hwy 8.

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Ground Survey

90-1 Survey


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