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ND58 Reconstruction


Due to the aging infrastructure and high truck traffic, a section of ND Highway 58 needed full reconstruction. The project traveled from JCT ND 200 nine miles north to JCT ND 1804. 

NDDOT hired Brosz to complete the Documented CATEX (DCE) and the design for the project. The transportation engineering work consisted of evaluating various alternatives for widening, mine & blend, and asphalt and concrete overlay surfacing options. The project faced additional complexity due to its location adjacent to a railroad on its western side and an irrigation system administered by the US Bureau of Reclamation on its eastern side. Because of several sensitive species and habitats within the project area, the team conducted A Biological Assessment. Also, the project required coordination with various resource agencies to ensure its success. Finally, Brosz completed approximately 11 total acres of ROW acquisition from 23 separate landowners. 

During construction, the project was divided into two phases to occur in two successive years. After crews widened the roadway, the asphalt overlay was applied. Then, the concrete work also consisted of roadway widening, along with full-depth reclamation and placement of concrete. The team followed several cultural and environmental precautions due to the proximity of the project to Fort Buford’s historic site and the Missouri-Yellowstone confluence. Coordination with the Irrigation District and local beet farmers was critical to ensure that harvest operations were not affected.

Brosz completed the environmental study, survey, right of way, permitting, design engineering, and construction engineering. 

Project Details




Preliminary Survey

Design Engineering

Construction Engineering


Owner Benefits

  • Improved traffic flow at a congested intersection
  • Increased roadway durability
  • Smoother driving surface
  • Reduced maintenance costs